SAC Membership Interest Form

SAC Membership Interest Form

We are so excited that you are interested in becoming a member of SAC! Please fill out the form below and one of our Executive Board members will reach out within 24 hours. 

Please feel free to attend the committee meeting of your choice if you do not receive a response in time.

Our membership process includes
  • Filling out this form
  • Attending 2 committee meetings
  • Volunteering at 1 SAC event
  • Participating in 1 marketing activity (postering, info table, etc.)
  • And once the above are completed, filling out a Member Agreement Form
How did you learn about SAC?
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SAC Committees

The Student Activities Council committee members plan, promote, and implement SAC events. Members of SAC committees gain career readiness skills, build meaningful relationships, and have fun!

Committees members are expected to attend weekly meetings, volunteer at events, participate in marketing initiatives, and be a positive representation of SAC.

Monthly socials are held for all members of SAC to meet and get to know each other. 

FAQ's when selecting a committee
  • Can I commit?
    SAC relies on its members to host amazing campus experiences and we want you to want to be there.
  • I want to join _____ committee but I can't attend the meeting, what do I do?
    We always want people to select the committee that aligns with their interests and when that isn't possible we encourage you to select the one that best fits your schedule. You can always volunteer to work another committees events.
  • None of these times work for me, how can I still help? 
    If you are unable to join one of the committees listed below, complete our volunteer interest form. You will be added to our GroupMe and volunteer signup portal. Feel free to volunteer when you are available.
Please review the committee meeting times on the SAC Membership Page and select the committee you plan to join.